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  • Why Write a Book?

    This was a question I considered long and hard before putting pen to paper. In January 2012 – somewhere between Mexico City and Oaxaca – I first started thinking seriously about turning my experiences into a story to share. Writing a book had always been on my mind, but in one of those fleeting ‘wouldn’t more »

  • Telling the Story

    After a rather lengthy hiatus from writing about my Pan-American bicycle trip – which ended in October 2012 – I’ve decided to resume the blog once more, but this time from an altogether different angle. As many followers will be aware, I’ve been working on a book about what was an incredible and privileged 15 more »

  • 9 Months On

    This day 9 months ago I rode over Paso Garibaldi at the southern tip of Argentine Patagonia and ended my Pan-American bicycle journey after one year and three months on the road. It’s difficult to comprehend just where the time has gone between then and now. Only yesterday I was talking with some friends about more »

  • To the End of the World

    I tried not to think of Ushuaia as the ultimate goal for almost the entire length of this bicycle journey. After all, it should be the bits between Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and here that really count. Yet, rolling around that final snow-lined corner to see the southernmost city in the world neatly spread along the more »


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