Below you’ll find videos of the journey published to the 350South Vimeo account. The videos are a small taste of life through bicycle touring and represent different stages of my travels. Over the coming months I’ll be adding more, working back towards Alaska.

Central America

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama – all of these countries are packed into this slender piece of geography and fell upon the route I cycled through a land that connects North and South America. It took one and a half months to pedal the 2,000km from La Mesilla, western Guatemala to Portobelo, northern Panama.

Into the Andes: Colombia and Ecuador

Entering Colombia at Cartagena and leaving Ecuador at La Balsa, this section of the trip brought me into the Andes and served up some incredible mountain climbs up to 3500m.


From La Balsa border crossing near Jaén to my exit at Yunguyo on the shores of Lago Titicaca, I cycled 1,500km through the forested northern territories, over the Cordillera Blanca Mountain Range and finally on the Altiplano after visiting Cusco and Machu Picchu, where I celebrated 1 year on the road since departing Alaska.

Peru from 350South on Vimeo.

Road to the Salar

Bolivia was short, taking a mere 3 weeks to cycle from the Peruvian border to that of Argentina. It was however, among the most spectacular scenery on the trip but the cycling was rough, with washboard roads and high winds ever present.

Road to the Salar from 350South on Vimeo.

Northwestern Argentina and Chile

The road to Mendoza, Argentina was long, windy and extremely isolated. Salta in the north and Mendoza in the south were the two big urban centres and in between were a scattering of vineyards, red-rock canyons and small communities.

Northwestern Argentina and Chile from 350South on Vimeo.

To the End of the World

Reaching Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina marked 462 days on the road covering 27,369km through 15 countries and over 2 continents. This video features the last days on the road in Patagonia, as I complete the Pan-American cycle from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

To the End of the World from 350South on Vimeo.

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